News E-Paper and E-Magazine Development

News E-Paper and E-Magazine Development
At Seawind Solution Pvt. Ltd., as a leading news web services provider, we take care of all of your news e-paper and e-magazine development needs. We make sure for ease of maintenance of your online newspaper or magazine. Once your newspaper has been given its final layout and is ready for print, its content is distributed automatically to all your chosen digital platforms - either a newspaper website or mobile app.

We have a complete digital delivery platform providing news e-paper solution to clients across the world. Our e-Paper or e-magazine solutions make it possible for publishers to smoothly publish their news content in a digital format.

Considering the fast growth and advancing trends in the digital market, we have upgraded our online newspaper platform to the latest HTML-5 / CSS-3 technology allowing news publishers to take their digital editions to higher levels and provide anabundant reading experience to their users, being compatible with all the latest devices.

Seawind Solution offers newspaper digital publishing solutions with a reading experience that is accurate, secure, and flexible, all these at an affordable cost for news producers.


  • "In today’s generation, the newspaper and media industry is rapidly turning its way of presentation towards the internet."

  • "At this stage, whenever anyone needs to know what’s happing around the world will turn to the best news website for the particular region on the web. "

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