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The media landscape changes almost daily and so your audiences’ demand for high-quality online content will continue to grow. Users now have access to advanced broadband connections and demand online video delivered with quality at better levels than ever before. We, at Seawind Solution Pvt. Ltd. offer you complete solutions designed to reliably deliver and manage on-demand live and high-quality content across a broad spectrum of devices and platforms over the World Wide Web.

We deliver digital media audio and video files and live streams either from a Flash Media Server or Windows Media Server. Our news live streaming server management proficiency permits you to cut the frequent webcast charge with less costly yearly recurring costs with option of paying quarterly or monthly. On the other hand, shared streaming server solutions are also available to reduce the cost even further. A streaming server can be a LAN server or a web server.

Our live streaming services make it easier to stream your media to almost any player, device or platform. We support each major streaming protocol and allow you to stream your video or audio files simultaneously to all popular media platforms including:

Below services are provide in news portal.

  • Adobe Flash
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Apple QuickTime
  • Microsoft Phone 7
  • Apple iOS: iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • Android, Blackberry and other 3GPP platforms
  • Set-top boxes and IPTV

All delivery methods, including the different flavors of adaptive streaming, are also available for livestreaming. Moreover, our streaming servers can take a single live broadcast and stream it to all platforms mentioned. We also offer encoding services or custom solutions to manage whole live event as per requirement.


  • "In today’s generation, the newspaper and media industry is rapidly turning its way of presentation towards the internet."

  • "At this stage, whenever anyone needs to know what’s happing around the world will turn to the best news website for the particular region on the web. "

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