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Top 10 Trending Elements for Web Designing for 2019

A nice website design can make your website user experience amazing. Your business website is the identity or face of your brand. It is necessary to keep it up with the trends. In the new era of technology, an innovation people like to follow trends and creative things, to get good results out of your website design efforts. It is necessary to include the latest trending designs to make it look fresh.

Website design is subject to alteration in new technology than its traditional print matches. Website designers have somehow managed to endure with enhanced technical challenges and still manage to design websites that are clear, innovative, mobile & tablet friendly and beautiful.

Top 10 Trending Elements for Web Designing for 2019

2019 has truly been an unusual year for website design with every new year there are new website design trends we see across all websites. Website designing trends are continually innovating, evolving, and changing. In 2017, website designing was all about micro-interactions and chatbots, animations and prints. The year 2018 has been a year of new trends, standards, and practices. Let's take a look on website designing trends of 2019.

Videos in Header

Video in the header is the latest trending thing in website designing. Video in the header helps to engage viewers immediately and easily. A video can engage the viewer for a long time and a higher chance of completing your objective and great signal for your website SEO.


A video can be in full-screen mode or in the strip mode. It gives your website an attractive look and eye-catching view.

Mobile Optimization

In March 2018, Google launched an update for mobile-first-index and mobile speed update. It will become official after a few months for SEO. Now, Google bots check out your website's mobile version before the desktop website and decide how to rank your site in Google search results.


A lightning fast and fully optimized mobile site is the key to improve your rank on search results and reach more potential followers and customers.

Use of Color Splashes

To keep bold colors on the website is becoming a trend year after year. In the internet world color is one reliable way to make a statement with content for a strong online presence. Your choice of color for your brand guide by emotions you want to communicate by the business website to your audience.


Split Screens

A new trend for 2019 in website designing is using split screens, means your website content divided into two sides of the webpage. This is a good and attractive way to make your website more eye-catching and good looking.


Split screens have the effect of letting every element of your webpage breathe, instead of layering everything on top of each other. From the audience's perspective, split screens help them to read and view each component on its own rather than viewing a bulk content together.

Unique Typography

Previously the fonts used in website design is fixed and usually use fonts like Times new roman, Ariel and Calibri. In 2019, the time is to step outside these fonts. Fonts can be more artistic, presenting intentional statements and detailed versions capable of sending a serious or funny message to the audience.

One buzzing trends in typography are unique fonts like vintage custom hand lettering to bold strokes and graceful are of the alphabet in the script. These kinds of font style grab the attention of your audience quickly.

Use of Soft lines and Rounded corners

This year we probably can see a rise in the use of natural lines and rounded corners in websites for elements like buttons, text boxes, image frames and shapes used in the background. This trend is the opposite of the previous trend of using sharp edges. This thing helps you to communicate with ease and comfort while sharp edges can feel distant or simple view.


Use of animation has been a growing trend over the last few years with features like parallax scrolling used in many websites. In 2019, the animation now appears in a different dimension. A smaller animation is known as micro-animations.


The minor movement that shows up when your browser does a specific action on your website. Animations fill your web pages with lighter impact, energy and attract the visitors.

Use of Shapes

In 2019, take advantages of simply placing basic shapes in the background of your page or cropping images into geometric frames. There are three ways to balance the state of equilibrium for your website design with the shape: symmetrical, asymmetrical and radial balance. The current trend of using shape is the asymmetrical balance, where two halves of your webpage that doesn't match.

User Experience

User experience (UX) is for identifying the trends that effectively transmit your brand identity and your aimed call-to-action. It helps to explore how each one might be able to highlight your webpage's central message.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has worked its way into conventional web design in 2019, by using chatbots. AI and chatbots can really take your website and business to the next level. Usually, chatbots respond only to a few questions and commands but, when connected with AI it can simulate a realistic conversation.

AI technology is quickly becoming famous and shaping our digital interactions. AI virtual assistants can simplify your web development. AI virtual assistants can ask questions to the viewer and based on the answer they create personalized content with the exact combination of layout, brand content, and design required by the viewer.


There are many more web design trends that are growing rapidly that we didn’t repeat simple design, minimalism, layouts, biometric authentication, etc. We included some of the newer methods that you should really consider.

Executing some of these approaches can bring a new vibe to your website. Web designers have to see the larger picture and make a judgment on what kind of techniques to use and take motivation from.

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