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Hotel Managment System Ahmedabad Now it’s time to eliminate the need to track information with paper. Now there will be no more confusion, no more double bookings and reservation problems…….we are here to give you a total control over reservations and bookings from all sources.

Seawind Solution Pvt. Ltd known to one of the prominent Web Services provider delivers you an ideal Web based Hotel Management System Application that can be used at hotels, motels, inns, resorts, lodges etc. Our Hotel Management System is a comprehensive application suite consisting of integrated modules for various aspects of Hotel Management to provide you a greater return on operations for your customers ensuring quality and speed of your Hotel Booking / Management Services with an intent of reaching more guests and reservations at an affordable cost.

Managing your property requires rapid access to information. As an owner or manager, you always want to know whether your business is running in an exact manner or not. Our Report functionality allows you to see detailed statistics about your each and every business payments and transactions, and will help you adjust the price accordingly.

Below are some features of our Hotel Management System:-

Front-office features

  • Masters (Room category, Room plans, Room location, Room rates, Guest company, Company discounts, Tax)
  • Transactions Pre Booking ( Modify Booking, Cancel Booking, Incomplete Booking)
  • Not checked In
  • Check In (Booking Check In, Walk In Check In, Complimentary Check In, Fast Check In)
  • Check Out (Single/Group Check out, Discount)
  • Billing (Bill Generation, Bill Settlement / Cancellation, Duplicate bill, Advance payments, Receipt for other charges, Bill splitting)
  • Other( Room Shifting / Up gradation, Guest details updating, Wakeup reminders, Day closing)
  • Reports (Bill Summary, Collection Summary, Cash/ Credit Sale, Booking Status, Room availability, Room details, Plan rates, Expected arrivals/ departures, Tax summary, Lodging Income, Advance, Short / Access amount)

Room service features
  • Masters (Kitchen, Waiter, Item Categories, Menu Items and rates, Tax)
  • Transactions
  • KOT (Add Order, Modify, Close (Generate Bill))
  • Billing (Bill Generation, Bill Settlement /Cancellation, Duplicate Bill, Discounts on Bill)
  • Reports (Bill Summary, Collection Summary, Cash/Credit sale, Room Availability, Room Details, Tax Summary, Room Credit, Short/Access amount)

House-Keeping features
  • Masters (Kitchen Mapping, Menu Category, Laundry Items and rates, Mini Bar Items and Rates, Tax)
  • Laundry Orders ( Add order, Modify order, Close (Generate Bill))
  • Mini bar Orders (Add order, Modify Order, Close (Generate Bill))
  • Maintenance (Rooms)
  • Billing (Bill Generation , Bill Settlement / Cancellation, Duplicate bill, Discounts on bill)
  • Reports (Bill Summary , Collection summary , Cash/ Credit sale ,Room availability, Room details, Tax summary , Room Credit , Maintenance History , Short / Access amount)
Much more features are there, you will discover it once you start using our Application. So what are you waiting for??? Don’t miss this golden chance. Call now on +918141887285