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Restaurant Management System Ahmedabad Nowadays we can see a huge competition in Food Service industry which has been very fierce; affecting us, as well as customers. So to enable a single outlet to better serve customers and aid employees with food and beverages, orders and transactions it is necessary to have that system that can control all your desire and requirements.

Seawind Solution Pvt. Ltd provides an extraordinary Web - based Restaurant Management System to provide you a greater return on operations for your customers ensuring quality and speed of your Restaurant Services with an intent of reaching more guests and reservations.

To know the key characteristics of our Restaurant Management System, please have a look below the following attributes:-

  • Manage Orders ( Add orders, close order, modify orders, cancel orders, Shift Tables )
  • Manage Table Bookings and status ( Add, update and delete Table booking )
  • Home Delivery Booking ( Add, update and Delete Home delivery booking )
  • Manage Billings (Bill Settlement, Bill Cancellation, Advance Billing)
  • Manage your Reports (Audit Reports, Booking Status, Booking Summary, Kitchen Reports, Sale Reports, Tax Reports)
  • Manage Company Credit Lists
  • Manage Company Discount offers
  • Manage Kitchen sales and status
  • Manage Waiter status
  • Manage your Food Items ( Items Head, Items Sub - Head, Items Category )
  • Manage your Closing Days
  • Manage Outlet and Re-fund Summary
  • Manage Miscellaneous Amount Report
  • Easy front - end integration for your Website
  • User-friendly, Secure, Cost - effective, Customization on demand and much more.....
The above listed features are not just enough, there are so many benefits as well as surprising features you will discover it if you will start using our Restaurant Management System.

100% Quality and Satisfaction Guaranteed.

So what are you waiting for??? Reach more guests, take more reservations and roll on your casual customers to regular ones with such a system that is very user-friendly providing many better ways to serve.

Find out how we can make you more profitable. Discover the enormous benefits of using our Restaurant Management System.