News Mobile App Development

As we all know, almost things in the world have gone digital, including press and news media. The newspapers and news channels are now joining the mobile app trend to make it easier for the users to get access to the news over their smartphones.

With a huge competition, news app development is a better performing trend; the revenue model of these apps being quite simple and rewarding.

We at Seawind Solution Pvt. Ltd. build apps that are appealing and as well as good at performance. As people want to stay updated with the news even on the go and our news apps let facilitate it. A news mobile app, no matter whether its android or iOS is better than news website in many ways. News mobile apps developed by us not only offer a native experience but we also offer features where it seem to work without an active internet connection by storing news content in the cache.

News Channels and Newspaper Publishers can develop apps with the option to filter the news content on the basis of city, language, and news categories.

We offer a user friendly custom development news content management system to update your news mobile apps on regular basis. Where the number of smartphones is growing as so is growing the number of news subscribers.

Have a look at the striking features the news apps offer:

  • User Friendly Mobile App
  • News CMS Integration
  • Integration with your News Website
  • Push Notifications
  • Premium Design Layout
  • Content Filtering
  • Option to Resize Font – Best Reading Experience
  • Offline Access
  • Content Sharing to Social Media Channels


  • "In today’s generation, the newspaper and media industry is rapidly turning its way of presentation towards the internet."

  • "At this stage, whenever anyone needs to know what’s happing around the world will turn to the best news website for the particular region on the web. "

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